What is “My Leaky Body”

My Leaky Body is a play, a book and an interactive workshop series by Julie Devaney based on her experiences spending five years in and out of hospitals, propped up on operating tables and in bed in pain for weeks and sometimes months at a time. Initially diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease, she underwent intense medical therapy before having her entire large intestine, her colon, removed. She has since been re-diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.

As a means of survival she wrote. From hospital beds, bath-tubs and of course, sitting on toilets, in rants and prose, the darkness and the hilarity of her leaky body. At the same time, she fantasized about a future time where she could tell her stories to health care professionals and patients alike.

She later used these stories as the basis for her Master’s Project: “Clinical Encounters: the politics of my leaky body”, which was supervised by Dr. Margrit Shildrick.

After being awarded her Master’s Degree in February 2007 Julie began to perform more extended versions of her piece publicly, and develop educational workshops specifically designed for students and professionals. My Leaky Body has since been professionally produced and performed in over sixty venues from coast to coast in Canada and internationally.

My Leaky Body the book will be published in September 2012 by Goose Lane Editions, see the “book” section for more details.